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The Magic Box Agency is a developing agency and is constantly on the look out for new potential team members. In keeping with the culture and spirit of the agency, interested persons must posses an entrepreneurial spirit and should have experience in this or a similar field. They must be confident, dedicated, disciplined, well mannered and sociable, and capable of getting along with others in any given environment.

Currently, we are however, only recruiting in the following areas:

Talent & Professional Services
Are looking for a career in your area of talent or expertise, or are looking to improve or change the direction of your existing career? Then, send an email with your cover letter and portfolio (audio or visual) today!

Agents & Managers
Have you been seriously thinking about a career in this industry, and looking for an opportunity to prove your expertise? Then send an email with your cover letter and current résumé (curriculum vitae) today!
(Subject: "Talent," "Professional Service," "Agent," or "Manager")

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